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Radial Studio is a digital illustration studio based in Udonthani Thailand. We focus on serving high quality illustration, concept art, comics and  marketing-advertising for entertainment industry and we still created our I.P.Development to show the world.


We start with small creative teams by Jessada Sutthi with 10 years experience in the creation for many world wild client : Fantasy Fight Game, Alderac Entertainment, Riot, The Monk Studio, Anya Animation, Igloo studio, Topcow Comics, Silicon Studio, Ateam, Enish, Catalyztz,etc.


Jessada Sutthi

Creative Director/Art Director

He is an Illustrator and Concept Artist with 10 years experience in entertainment industry with many projects such as Bushido(the way of the warrier) Topcow comic, League of Legends, World of Warcalf, Dark Summoner, Magnus Ignis, Warhammer, Legends of the Five Ring, The Last Avata, and etc.


First time he did freelance as a small game concept, book cover and took part in Devacurse card games project (2007). He later joined The Monk Studio as a matte painter for TV animations (2008-2009), after a while he moved to Anya Animation Studio to work on concept art and matte painting. Then he joined to be senior concept artist for STUDIO HIVE in 2011 and became to Art Director in 2012. Now he started a new studio called Radial Studio in 2015.

Nuttapong Thanawiwitapawn


Nuttapong (Syn.scholar) He was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. He is passionate about the aesthetics of art. He is interested in various fields of art, photography, movie, art model and workout. He sees the world in a positive light. The spirit he has for the work of fantasy art. 

Tian Thongjomroon


Tian have a experience about Digital Painting with 5 year. He has a lot of hobbies but Making plastic model is a best favorite. He is interested in korean and Chinese Digital Art style. Favorite art style of Tian is fantasy and sci-fi.
Tian have a secret name. The name is Yummmmm (searching for twitch if you wanna see he live stream Digital Painting).

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